Monday, 24 October 2016

First Attempt at Painting Stormcast Eternals

I've wanted to paint these guys since I first saw them, I've never been a fan of Warhammer Fantasy game and just as I was getting back into painting after a 16 year hiatus I saw posters around Warhammer World announcing "Sigmar is Coming". 'Great' I thought 'something else for me to not give 2 shits about'. Knowing that the coming White Dwarf was going to be allWarhammer no 40k, I didn't even bother popping in to buy it. I checked the website as I was at work that day at about 2pm and seeing that this week's issue came with a mini I left work straight away to fetch a copy. Warhammer World had already sold out! Gutted, but that just made me want them more.

Left: Stormcast Retributor. Right: Stormcast Liberator

I recently trecked to WW and asked what the cheapest way to get a few Stormcast to paint was and they advised one of the Retributor or Liberator sets at £30 each. Now, that isn't a bad price, but I wasn't going to bother with a whole squad when I just want to 'have a go'. one would do

A few weeks later, I noticed they had a copy of a book called "Getting Started with Age of Sigmar" which came with the same free Liberator you got with White Dwarf a few months back. Sure I can hide £7.50 from my wife and just say I had a big lunch that day (I had no lunch that day).

I ignored the book and started building my Liberator, and I was loving the style of it, all the detail was incredible for a pre-posed mini (GW need to up their game with the Space Marines now).

In this book it advertised you can get a couple of different sets of pre posed Easy to Build Stormcast Eternals for £10 a box of either 2 Retributors or 3 Liberators, Deal! However when checking online, you can actually get a box called "Storm of Sigmar" a Mini version of Age of Sigmar which includes all the above, + an equak share of Chaos dudes, rules and dice for only £20. I'd committed to a £20 spend anyway so why not have the free extras, At best they'll make some good practise minis, at worst I could probably sell them on eBay for about £20.

So anyway, after all that I finally painted my first two. now I tried a few things for the first time here.

  • Airbrushing Gold (actually my second attempt, but first successful attempt)
  • Hilighting Metalics
  • Basing Miniatures with sand/rocks
  • Pinting Capes
  • Using Static Grass tufts.

It took me just over a week to get about 70%-80% done, and in that time I had made a few mistakes (such as getting loads of dust or specks in the parts of the model that just be smooth) which just pissed me off, so I rushed the final highlights and basing to get them done.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

First up Mr Liberator

I'm generally happy with this guy, I followed the colour recipe on the video tutorials from GW. Except I used Blue/Pirple washes on the appropriate colours instead of just Nuln Oil everywhere. I also intended to add an extra layer of highlighting on the weapon handles, but my couldn't be botheredness kicked in

I did add Nuln Oil to add depth to the lightning bolts on the shield (as instructed in the guide) and I wish I hadn't. If you check the ones on the Arms I simply did 3-4 very thin coats of Celestra Grey and edge highlighted with 2 thin coats of White Scar (I don't like either of these paints)

Highlighting the scrolls with Palid Wych Flesh was a chore, I could not get the consistency right to have the paint remain workable long enough on my 00 brush (it just dried on the brush too quick)

I'm just pointing out my own flaws here but shading the inside of the cloak was an Arse too, like Palid Wych Flesh, White Scar is also an arsehole of a paint. (you can't see the worst bit, its that inner fold behind the shield). Also, I added Nuln Oil to the detail on the inside of the cloak. bad idea, should have left it crisp blue vs white

This is why I gave up, not only was the shading on the cloak just awful, can you see all the shitty dust thats on it. Where is this shit coming from. I swear I'm gonna shave myself bald (I have lots of hair and a beard) to keep stray hairs out of my work.

I didn't shade the bramble coming out of the rock (rushing).

Also, I highlighted the metals with Ironbreaker instead of the suggested Runefang Steel. and somehow (no idea how) I've chipped the damn front of the leg. I love painting onto Vallejo Primer, but I hate how poorly it sticks to the plastics.

And now, Senior Retributor

Overall I preferred this guy in every way, no cloak and no shield meant no large smooth areas my dusty house destroys. Not a fan of how glossy the blue has turned out in general, but a matt varnish will sort that.

Nothing to say here, just love the pose from this angle "come at me bro!"

Ok So my fuckup here was airbrushing, see where the parchment meets the back tome thing? After I sprayed my gold, I went over some detail areas with black again (there was no point, I was just trying some detail spraying out.) I got specks of black from re-priming the scroll with my airbrush on the gold.

Also, see all the points at the top of the tome, all the paint (and undercoat) has come off due to handling. I do handle my minis up close to keep them still and this has work off the primer with touch alone. grrrrr

My favourite part was highlighting the Lion Pauldrons, It's really subtle here but there are technically 5 different colours in there.

Chipped the back of this leg, again didn't notice util after I took the pics.

And the same with the lion greave, so much detail, so much fun to highlight.

on a final note, the placement of the static grass tufts was to hide this areas of the base. With the Bases I used Eshin Grey, Nuln Oil. then drybrushed the coarse sandy areas and Tryant Skull and the stones with greys.

I always sealed my Sand and stones with a 50/50 PVA/Water mix, but i think this list a lot of the detail on the rocks :(

Anyway, what do you think, any C&C. I'm happy for a first go, lets go buy an army!

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