Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Review in Progress - Painting Cloaks, Coats & Robes - 'Eavy Medal masterclass - White Dwarf 3 September 2016

So, since 'Eavy metal masterclass is back i decide to jump in feet first.

Since I still have my Dark Vengeance chaos cultist to paint, I had just the model to try this out on using one of the cultist leaders.

This guy;

not my painting, just for reference

Monday, 24 October 2016

First Attempt at Painting Stormcast Eternals

I've wanted to paint these guys since I first saw them, I've never been a fan of Warhammer Fantasy game and just as I was getting back into painting after a 16 year hiatus I saw posters around Warhammer World announcing "Sigmar is Coming". 'Great' I thought 'something else for me to not give 2 shits about'. Knowing that the coming White Dwarf was going to be allWarhammer no 40k, I didn't even bother popping in to buy it. I checked the website as I was at work that day at about 2pm and seeing that this week's issue came with a mini I left work straight away to fetch a copy. Warhammer World had already sold out! Gutted, but that just made me want them more.

Left: Stormcast Retributor. Right: Stormcast Liberator