Sunday, 6 December 2015

Final Fantasy VII - First Trailer Analysis

A few months ago Sony dropped massive bomb at their 2015 E3 Press Conference,  and here we are with an early Xmas Gift, the first trailer for the FFVII Remake.

And here's a brief Analysis of what we've seen, and what I've taken from away from some of the more minor details.

What we need from the Final Fantasy VII Remake

So, It's official, the happiest of happy days has come and gone. The day where the Final Fantasy VII Remake has been officially announced. I remember it well, On this day, I had a brief argument with the wife about some general mundane something-or-other, which ended swiftly when I exclaimed to her; "You're spoiling Final Fantasy day!" To my utter delight, this ended the argument outright, she understood how just important this is to me. This is one of the many reason I love her so much.

But now that we know it's coming, what could/should we expect?